Korea Package 03 Nights / 04 Days

Korea Package 03 Nights / 04 Days


Korea is a peninsular region in East Asia. Since 1945, it has been divided between two countries, at or near the 38th parallel, North Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of Korea) and South Korea (the Republic of Korea). Korea consists of the Korean Peninsula, Jeju Island, and several minor islands near the peninsula. The peninsula is bordered by China to the northwest and Russia to the northeast. It is separated from Japan to the east by the Korea Strait and the Sea of Japan (East Sea).

During the first half of the 1st millennium, Korea was divided between three states, Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla, together known as the Three Kingdoms of Korea. In the second half of the 1st millennium, Silla defeated and conquered Baekje and Goguryeo, leading to the "Unified Silla" period. Meanwhile, Balhae formed in the north, superseding former Goguryeo. Unified Silla eventually collapsed into three separate states due to civil war, ushering in the Later Three Kingdoms. Toward the end of the 1st millennium, Goguryeo was resurrected as Goryeo, which defeated the two other states and unified the Korean Peninsula as a single sovereign state. Around the same time, Balhae collapsed and its last crown prince fled south to Goryeo. Goryeo (also spelled as Koryŏ), whose name developed into the modern exonym "Korea", was a highly cultured state that created the world's first metal movable type in 1234.[3][4][5][6][7][8] However, multiple incursions by the Mongol Empire during the 13th century greatly weakened the nation, which eventually agreed to become a vassal state after decades of fighting. Following military resistance under King Gongmin that ended Mongol political influence in Goryeo, severe political strife followed, and Goryeo eventually fell to a coup led by General Yi Seong-gye, who established Joseon on 17 July 1392.


Day 01 : Arrive Seoul

After your arrival at Seoul International Airport, meet our tour representatives and get transferred to the hotel. Get into the hotel and relax for sometime. Enjoy your overnight stay at the hotel.


Day 02 : Seoul City Tour

Take your morning breakfast in the hotel. Our tour representatives will take you for a city tour to Seoul. Proceed to the National Folk Museum, Gyeonbokgung Palace, Jogye Temple and Blue House. In the afternoon, visit the Yeoju Green Village and Nami Island. You need to know that Nami Island is a winter sonata movie shooting place. Get back to the Yeoju Green Village and check out the Korean Kimchi Making and Traditional Costume (Hanbok) wearing. Proceed to the Ginseng plantation and ensure to taste the Ginseng Juice. Move back to Seoul. Spend your overnight stay at Seoul.


Day 03 : Seoul -EverlandThemepark

After your morning breakfast, move to the Everland Theme Park. Enjoy a great day in the park. Get back to Seoul for overnight stay. Meals- Breakfast will be offered. No other options.


Day 04 : Seoul Departure

After your breakfast, transfer to the Incheon Airport and wait for your departure.

Delightful Seoul Tour Package


Duration :

03 Nights / 04 Days

Destinations :

Seoul Arrival - City Tour - EverlandThemepark - Depart

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